Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Our husbands have been friends for 13 years. Eight years ago, when Crystal was pregnant with her first baby our husbands both worked nights so they suggested we hang out and have dinner together. It started innocently enough, beef stroganoff one night, minestrone soup another night. After the baby was born we started grilling things and then we declared Girl's BBQ an official once a month event. We found a couple other girls who liked to eat and started planning menus with coordinating cocktails and trying new recipes. At the time Brett was in culinary school and Crystal was working on becoming a Naturopathic Doctor so we constantly called each other for advice. This has continued to go on for eight years now. Girls BBQ is now just called Girls Night but it has expanded to eight girls and we are still on the phone daily consulting about health and food.
Between the two of us we have fed three babies, we have made our own baby food and used the stuff in jars. Most of the recipes posted here will have a side note about feeding your little one, either from the recipe posted or some other quick tip to make something special so that the whole family can eat well.
What we want to do with this blog is to invite you, the reader, into our conversations. We want to share the interesting things we learn about food and nutrition. We also want to give examples of easy ways to prepare mostly healthy but always delicious foods for yourselves and your family. We aren't perfect, we don't just eat vegetables and homemade foods, we like chocolate, wine and macaroni and cheese, so don't be intimidated to post a comment. This blog is also a platform for questions. Is there a topic we covered you want clarification on or more information about? Or a health concern that you would like covered? Please leave comments and questions for us and we will do our best to answer them.
Crystal "The Doctor" & Brett "The Chef"


  1. Love this Blog ladies. I read and found it completely useful, especially for those of us who don't know how/or like to cook and work a lot. I very much look forward to your postings. I do have a request, how about a healthy macaroni and cheese reciepe. I think Crystal "The Doctor" made one once for girls night. Thanks! -April

  2. Yay!! This is great! I look forward to the next one too! And Brett, I appreciate you including non-pressure cooker methods for others and me, your mother, who truly will not cook with one. It WAS scary fifty years ago!! I am getting better at not cringing when in YOUR kitchen, and I have definitely benefited from your yummy meals being done quickly! Dr.Crystal! Chef Brett! Congratulations on a great first entry! I look forward to more! - Brett's Mom