Thursday, January 19, 2012

Easy Egg Breakfast

The hardest part about changing my eating habits is getting a good healthy breakfast. A friend passed on this quick, easy and mobile way to get a healthy portion of protein.

You will need:
One corn tortilla
One egg
A slice of cheddar cheese (optional)
A nonstick frying pan or a small amount of olive oil

Place tortilla in pan and start heating.
Once the tortilla is hot slowly crack the egg on top of the tortilla.
Break the yolk and the white, a little will run off the side but most of it will stay on the tortilla.
Sprinkle a little salt on and let cook for a few minutes.

Once the egg starts to set up flip the whole thing over.
Let cook for about half a minute till egg is cooked through.
Flip back over and slide onto a plate.
If you want cheese place a slice on one half and let melt.
Fold it like a taco and walk out the door with breakfast in hand.

Alternatively you could add tomatoes to the taco style fold.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Breaking Radio Silence

Chef Brett is back,after months of ignoring my blogging responsibilities I'm ready to share my culinary inspirations again. The holidays have come and gone, I weathered my first holiday break from preschool, and our first major health issue - tubes in my 3.5 year old's ears. I'm ready to cook again.
What should I cook? Well what I would like to cook is spaghetti ala carbonara (freshly cooked noodles tossed with hot bacon, eggs and parmesaen - the heat of the noodles and bacon grease cooks the eggs making a salty creamy noodle dish.) But I am not going to cook or eat at that because I want to build better eating habits. So last week I started a new system as follows:
  • Brainstorm meals for the week as a family on Sunday mornings
  • Plan four fresh meals a week
  • One day will be leftover day
  • Two days will be frozen food days (frozen food days can also be eating out days)
  • When making soups or casseroles will make enough to freeze to provide for the future frozen food meals

With this plan I am hoping to eat better and save money. I also am hoping to loose some weight by creating better eating habits.The healthy habits I am trying to implement are:
  • eating a salad type thing and/or steamed veg at every meal
  • only eating meat 3 times a week
  • making sure to snack more frequently so that while I am making dinner I don't eat two string cheeses and 3/4 cup roasted almonds (in smaller portions a healthy snack but when too hungry appetite ruining).
  • only eating when hungry, not just because the clock says its time to eat
Come back in a day or two and I will share this week's menu and some recipes! (Really, I will be here, I am recommitting to this blog and Doctor Crystal).