Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day One – Chef Brett

So the original plan was that my husband was going to do the cleanse with me. After a tough day of being at work and not getting enough calories then breaking down and having a Pepsi he has decided this isn't the right time for him to do a cleanse. He has a problem with textures so eating oatmeal or avocados is not something that he can do without wanting to vomit. So for his first cleanse we will pick a weekend and do a two day cleanse that is more tailored to his palate. He will be eating the same food I am eating while at home, just in more quantity.

Today went fairly well. There were a few times I felt I needed to eat or drink water but I couldn't quite get to it because of changing a diaper or rocking the little one back to sleep when he woke up unexpectedly. But I felt surprisingly satisfied.

The smoothie was very gritty from the supplement I added to it so tomorrow I will probably just put it in a minimal amount of juice then throw it back so it is over faster. The salad with the olive oil and lemon juice was delicious! I was lucky to have a bottle of olive oil I brought back from a trip to Spain last October so it gave the salad a wonderful flavor, this might be a keeper for my future salads.

Everything else went pretty well, I didn't eat any of my son's Pepperidge Farms Gold Fish or any of his buttered and jammed toast. I did get a blinding headache after dinner and had to lay down in a dim room for about an hour. After drinking tons of water I was refreshed enough to read Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel for the 100th time today to my son then he helped me put some laundry away.

All in all a good start to my first cleanse.

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